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The best product you can make for $5.99

TOLOT photobooks were designed by first selecting an affordable price and then producing the very best quality possible for that price.

Printed using the same printing equipment as pricey photobooks

We don’t sacrifice quality to achieve this low price. TOLOT photobooks are made with cutting-edge HP indigo series digital printers, the same printers used by manufacturers offering pricey photobooks.

Automated factory for greater production efficiency

Every step of the photobook manufacturing process is machine automated, eliminating waste to achieve low price.

Product design used in art gallery illustrated books

TOLOT also prints commercial photobooks and illustrated books for art galleries. We use this expertise in our photobook product design.

Photobooks that feel great as well

We use the same paper types used in regular books: New Age paper for the interior of the photobook and A La Mode paper for the cover. They offer superb photograph color reproduction, producing a natural, relaxed photobook finish. They feel soft and smooth to the touch, and are fingerprint resistant.

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