Frequently Asked Questions

Recent FAQs

Can I change or cancel an order after placing it?

Please note that all products are custom-made, so they cannot be edited or canceled once the orders are placed.

Can you ship it quicker?

It takes about two to three weeks for you to receive your photo book. (7 days for printing and binding, 7 - 14 days for delivery)

Also, all items will be shipped internationally from Japan, so the USPS tracking function is not available.

  • During the holiday seasons (both in Japan and the U.S.) we may take more than 7 days to ship out due to large order numbers.
  • Every package is shipped as mail.
  • International mail (USPS) delivery cannot specify the date of arrival.
I forgot to apply a coupon code when I placed my order.

You cannot apply a coupon code to an order that has already been completed.
Please use the coupon for your next order.



Tell me your recommended size and format for pictures.

Our recommended size and format is as follows:

  • Resolution: Height - 2122 pixels x Width - 1530 pixels (or higher)
  • jpg (RGB format)
  • *Please note that 3mm (approx. 42 pixels) will be cut off from top, bottom, left and right when binding.
What is the recommended size or format for the front cover picture?

Our recommended size and format is as follows:

  • Resolution: Height - 1147 pixels x Width - 1147 pixels (or higher)
  • jpg (RGB format)
  • *Picture on the cover page will be placed in a certain area on the page. Please see more details on the product page.
  • *The size noted above is based on a square shape. If you would like to use rectangular pictures, please adjust the longer side of the picture to match this number.
  • *Please check the preview screen for where the picture will be placed.
Are there different photo book sizes?

Our photo book has one size only, which is 5" x 7".

Can I change the layout?

Unfortunately, you cannot.
We are working to include this function in the future.

Can I edit pictures on the TOLOT app?

No. Please use a third-party app.
There is a tendency toward a darker finish than those viewed on a smartphone. Photos you are viewing on a smartphone can look brighter than an actual photo due to the backlight.

Are there any pictures I'm prohibited to use?


You cannot use pictures that violate copyright or right of publicity of a third party, or pictures that are against public policy.

For example, if the following images are included in your order, we will refuse your order:

  • Photos of famous persons, such as celebrities or athletes
  • Pictures that a third party took without permission
  • Works of others such as characters, logos, illustrations, paintings, newspaper or magazine articles, or lyrics
  • Printed products and diversion of images from the website
  • Pornographic images, including the depiction of nudity, or images corresponding to child pornography or child abuse
Can I sell a photo book I made?

We do not have any specific prohibited acts for selling photobooks.
For more information on prohibited acts and indemnities, please refer to the Terms of Use.

Is the display on the LCD screen and the actual photo book's color the same?

There are differences between the color on the LCD screen and the printing data (the actual photo book). The LCD screen displays the color based on red, green and blue. On the other hand, the printing is processed with the color based on cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

What is the QR code on the last colophon page and the back cover?

This code is used when managing the shipping process.

QR code will be printed on a certain spot.

  • *QR code cannot be used even if you can scan it from your device.

Order / delivery (Before ordering)

I want to order more than 100 photo books at a time.

You cannot order more than 100 photo books at one time, but you can order such a number by dividing them into several different sets.

What does the delivery package look like?

We deliver in waterproof bubble mailers with excellent cushioning.
Since it is already a well-designed package, it can be given directly as a gift.

Do you have gift wrapping options?

We do not have a gift wrapping option.
However, our package can be presented as a gift since we do not include an invoice or document that shows the price.

Can you ship overseas?

Unfortunately, we only ship domestically. Please note that following areas are not included in our domestic delivery:

  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Guam
  • Hawaii
  • Marshall Islands
  • Palau
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands

Order / delivery (After ordering)

Something is wrong with the item(s) I received. Can you do exchanges?

If you received a defective photo book, please send the following pictures to

(1) The point(s) in which the issues are reflected.
If many pages are defective, please send us 2-3 pictures.

(2) The last page of the photo book where the S/N (combination of 32 numbers and letters) is printed. Each photo book has a different manufacturing number.

  • *Please note that we can only accept jpg or png files. We cannot accept any URL(s) at which you upload the pictures above.

After confirming the issue, we will contact you for future correspondence.

How long is the storage period of the returned photo book?

Photo books that have been sent back will be kept for 30 days.
If the storage period expires without a re-delivery request from the customer, it will be disposed of due to our privacy policy.

Can I reorder the same photo book?

Yes, you can reorder as much of your photo book.
We do not have an expiration date for photo book data, however please visit the following link for Terms & Conditions regarding the data retention period: Terms of Use, Article 14 (Retention Period of Data).



I forgot to apply a coupon code when I placed my order.

You cannot apply a coupon code to an order that has already been completed.
Please use the coupon for your next order.


The App (common)

I cannot see my order history, the photo book with which I made an order or delivery status when I log in.

When app operation is unstable, please check your network connection, try exiting all running apps including TOLOT, then restart the device itself to see there is any improvement. When restarting the app, data will be syncing on the bookshelf screen, therefore please wait for the network status bar on the upper screen to disappear.

If there is still no improvement, try to uninstall and reinstall TOLOT.

  • *When trying the above process, unsaved data (unordered) on photo book will be automatically deleted and will not be recovered. Photo book data that is already ordered will be downloaded from the server at the next log in and will not be deleted.
If the preview screen shows that the top and bottom part are cut, does this apply to the actual photo book as well?

Yes, if there is a part you do not see on the preview screen, it will apply to the actual photo book. When you use a portrait picture, the top and bottom of the picture will be cut to fit into the photo book size. Please make sure there is enough space around the picture you want to use in the photo book.

What are some devices compatible with photo books?

Photo books are compatible with the following devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android smartphones.

iPhone version: iOS 8.0 or later.
Android version: Android 4.1 or higher-powered devices (some models are not supported)

I changed my smartphone. Can I transfer my photo book data?

You can transfer the data of an ordered photo book.

  • *You cannot transfer a photo book which you have not ordered yet. If you are editing a photo book, you will see it as translucent on the bookshelf.

Once you order a photo book, that data will be saved in our data server so you can review, edit or reorder those photo books from other devices.


The App (iPhone)

How do I shut down app on iPhone?

Please double click the home button, so you can see ongoing apps on the bottom of your screen. If you click and hold those displayed apps, they will start shaking and show (-). Tap (-) to shut down the app(s).

The app does not start on iPhone.

If you are opening several apps, double click the home button and swipe the other apps away to shut down those apps. How to shut down the apps:

Please try to restart your device.

Why do you need my Location?

Photos taken through your devices are automatically saved with the date and Location as Exif data and the app uses this data to obtain the date.


The App (Android)

The app shuts down on Android.

You may not have sufficient memory on your device.
If you still have the app opened, make sure you are on the photo bookshelf screen. Go to the setting on your phone and force shut down of TOLOT app. Also, shutting down all apps in use and restarting your phone may help in solving this problem.

Which Android device is supported?

You can check the supported device models from the following link:

  • *If you cannot download from your device, it means your device is not supported by the TOLOT app.

Registration and login

Where can I register my membership?

You can register your membership from the downloaded app on your device.

If you log in through Facebook or Twitter, membership registration will automatically be processed.

Tell me your e-mail domain so I can set up my spam mail exclusions.

The TOLOT e-mail domain is ""
Please use this domain to set your spam mail exclusions.

Is it free to register?

Both the app and registration are free of charge.

What happens if I delete the app?

Please note that all photo book data in the editing phase will be deleted. Ordered photo books are securely saved in our server so you can reorder the photo book after you install the app again.

However, the storage period will be 1 year after your last order. Deleting the app will not result in withdrawing your TOLOT membership.

I forgot my e-mail address. What should I do?

If you registered for a membership, you will receive an e-mail with the subject: "Member sign-up completed".

If you cannot log in to your account, you may have logged in through Facebook or Twitter.

I cannot log in after deleting my account from Facebook/Twitter.

If you created your account using a third party app such as Facebook or Twitter, once you delete the account from these applications, you will no longer be able to log in to TOLOT either. Please process a new membership registration.

  • *Please understand that you will also lose any data you created with the deleted account.


I don't have a Credit Card. What are your other payment options?

You may also use Debit Card or Gift Card, as well as PayPal.

We accept the followings for all card payments:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

We accept the followings for PayPal payments:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

We accept payment through Credit Cards and PayPal. *We use Stripe's online payment service for Credit Card settlement.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Your data such as pictures and privacy information are protected in a secured server.

Printing, binding and shipping procedures are taken place securely in a protected factory.
Your information is used only for providing a service to you.

Please check our privacy policy for more information.


How long does it take to upload pictures?

It takes about 10 min for your order data to upload with WiFi (wireless LAN) and it takes about 40 min with 3G.

(It may also vary depending on your network connection.)

If possible, we recommend you to use WiFi, optic fiber, or ADSL.

Do I get a discount by ordering in bulk?

Our products are set to the lowest prices possible, so we cannot offer any discounts regardless of the volume ordered.

How long can I keep the photo book I created with the app?

We do not have an expiration date for photo book data, however please visit the following link for Terms & Conditions regarding the data retention period: Terms of Use, Article 14 (The retention period of the data). close

Can you issue receipts?

Unfortunately, we do not issue receipts.
Please refer to you Credit Card statement.

Can I open the photo book at 180 degrees?

Per TOLOT binding specifications, you cannot.
We use wireless binding, in which the back part of the book is glued together. If you force to open at 180 degree angle, some pages may fall off the book.


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